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Judas Redux

I have so much respect for this show and the kickstarter simply because they’ve made it clear to us from the start of technical difficulties such as the possibility but not certainty of being able to livestream it and the such. They’ve come clear to us what the situation is with them. They informed us of how kickstarter exactly works and how the money is paid since they know that a lot of our pockets are now all dried up. But most of all, I have so much respect for the fact that they’ve worked out exactly how much it will cost them to do the production and have said that they don’t want a lot of money. They don’t want $100k. All they want is to have it funded with perhaps a little wiggle room left with the money. They want people’s backing, they want us to go on the journey with them, they’d rather have 5000 backers all backing $1. They want to go on this journey with us which is why they’re having this “open curtain” segment of the production where we get to see their frustrations, their highs, and their lows.

It’s just so clear how excited they are for this. They don’t care for the money; they care about us, they want us along for the journey; and for that… respect.

Click here to go to their kickstarter page

Click here to go see their google hangout where they address questions and concerns